About Us


Century Ballroom was founded in 1997 to promote social dancing of all kinds. Our community of instructors, staff and clients welcome and encourage any and everyone to come out dancing.

Housed on the 2nd floor of a 1908 Odd Fellows temple, Century Ballroom is made up of up two elegant venues ranging from 1500-2500sf all with sprung wood floors. We offer great food and drink in our restaurant The Tin Table across the hall, so you can enjoy a night of dining and dancing, either solo or with friends.

Our belief is that dancing should be fun. In our classes we try to provide all the tools dancers need to find the magic communication that can be found in partner dancing.

We pride ourselves on our intensely dedicated instructors who care about teaching to all levels. Our teachers want to share their love of dance and its history with students to inspire them to want to learn.

More often than not, after a hard day when you come to take a class or social dance you will leave happier than when you arrived.

We know that not every style of dance is for every person. We hope that if you try one and it doesn’t suit you, that perhaps you’ll try another. Or maybe you’ll find that more than one style fits your different moods.

Our goal is to keep our prices as low as possible to “entice” you to dance not once, but many times per week.

In the end dance and music are common languages that we all speak and can share with one another.

We hope that you’ll come check out the beautiful Century Ballroom and experience what we’re all about.

Hallie Kuperman
Century Ballroom
The Tin Table


915 E Pine
2nd floor
Seattle WA 98122
Century Ballroom
(206) 324-7263

The Tin Table
(206) 320-8458