What is Bachata?

Bachata is a Latin dance from the Dominican Republic characterized by sexy body movement, syncopated footwork and free style moves that alternate between closed and open position. We teach both Dominican Style Bachata (footwork & musicality) and Modern Style Bachata (patterns & close embrace). Watch the video below to see international Bachata instructors, Troy & Jorjet dancing Dominican Style.

Listed below are the Bachata classes we offer. We don't always offer every class, so make sure to check the Class Schedule to see what is offered each session.

Class Instructors: 


Bachata 1

Explore the basics of Bachata with simple footwork variations and fun turns & patterns. This class will give you plenty of moves to get you out on the dance floor and feeling confident.

Bachata 2
Bachata 1 or equivalent experience

Bored with the same Bachata moves? Here's your chance to expand your repertoire! Dominican Style will focus more on musicality and footwork, while Modern Style will focus more on body motion & patterns.


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