Class Schedule

We teach several styles of partner dancing (also known as social dancing or ballroom dancing). We offer ongoing 5-week sessions, usually with a week off in between. Occasionally, we have 4-week mini sessions.
We post one schedule at a time and generally post the new schedule mid-way through the current session.

The November/December session, which begins the week of November 26, will be posted in mid November.



Special Notes for the November/December Session:

  • All classes this session are FOUR weeks long (4 hrs total) .
  • Lindy Lab:  Styling: Improve the overall look of your dancing. Familiar patterns and new variations will be explored. Look as good as you feel!  Pre-req: Lindy 2a, 2b, 2c
  • Lindy Hop level 2 classes are special and not part of our usual a/b/c series
  • Due to the holidays, this is a small session with limited classes.  Bachata, Balboa, Kizomba, Tango, Waltz and the rest will be back in 2018

Special Notes for the October/November Session:

  • All classes this session are FIVE weeks long (5 hrs total) with the exception of Wednesday West Hall classes and all Thursday & Friday classes which are FOUR weeks (5 hrs total).
  • Tango 2c will focus on barridas and sweeps in the giro
  • Tango 3 will focus on musicality:  how to dance with all the elements (earth, wind, fire and water), timing/tempo changes, how to dance to different instruments and how to communicate to your partner which element you are listening to.


Shim Sham
$20 adv $25 day of
Friday, 12/1
Instructors:  Mark & Becca
Pre-requisite: All levels

Learn the basics and discover new variations to incorporate.

Check out this video of the shim sham from a past Century Ballroom event at the Capitol:

Beginning Foxtrot
$20 adv $25 day of
Friday, 12/8
Instructors:  Dean & Hallie

Learn this fluid, traveling dance that meshes perfectly with your Lindy or East Coast Swing, and expands the ways you play when the band is swingin'.







915 E Pine
2nd floor
Seattle WA 98122
Century Ballroom
(206) 324-7263

The Tin Table
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