Lindy Hop

What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is the original Swing dance, made famous in the ballrooms of Harlem. Danced to a wide range of tempos, the music is traditionally big band Swing from the golden era of Jazz. Lindy Hop is characterized as a happy dance. Improvisation and rhythmical play are tied to Lindy Hop's styling and spirit.

Listed below are the Lindy Hop classes we offer. We don't always offer every class, so make sure to check the Class Schedule to see what is offered each session.

Class Instructors: 

Classes We Offer

Lindy Lab
Varies; see description

Jun/Jul Session: Greatest Hits
These classic steps and routines form the spirit and vernacular of the dance.  Discover the basis of some of lindy hop’s traditional stylings.
Pre-req: Lindy 2a, 2b, OR 2c recommended. Lindy 3 helpful but not required.

Aug Session: More Greatest Hits
Even more historic lindy hop steps and routines! Discover the basis of some of lindy hop’s traditional stylings. Previous “Greatest Hits” lab not required.
Pre-req: Lindy 2a, 2b, and 2c highly encouraged.

Lindy Hop 1

Learn the fundamentals of Lindy Hop. Discover the Lindy Hop Basic (swingout), Lindy Circle, and Charleston, along with some basic turns. The goal of the class will be to have you social dancing the different components, comfortably intermixing different rhythms and timings. There will be a lot of repetition and partner rotation to build up foundations. Tempo: 130-150 beats per minute.

Lindy Hop 2a/b/c
Lindy 1 or equivalent experience

(Lindy 2a, 2b, and 2c can be taken in either order or concurrently.) Build on your fundamentals from Lindy 1 and expand your repertoire to include more turns and Charleston shapes all while improving your lead/follow skills and ability to intermix timings. Add swivels to the swingout, too!  Tempo: 125-165 beats per minute.

Lindy Hop 3
Lindy 2a, 2b AND 2c at least one time each

You have conquered the material from Lindy 2a and 2b and want to take it to the next level. Lindy 3 students start dancing a much wider range of tempos while exploring new shapes. More rhythm and styling variations are taught, all while improving overall technique. Material and class focus varies from class to class and session to session. Tempo: 125-200 beats per minute.

Lindy Hop 4
Lindy 3 at least twice or instructor permission

Lindy 4 has a different focus each session. Class material is tailored to the individual needs of the students in the class and is different from session to session. Class music often includes pre-Swing and post golden era of Jazz. Tempos can vary greatly. Lindy 4 introduces subtle shapes and dynamic rhythms all while emphasizing individual style. Tempo: 90-230+ beats per minute.

Big Apple
Lindy Hop 3 once or other solo Jazz experience

The Big Apple routine was originally choreographed by Frankie Manning in 1937. It contains many classic authentic solo jazz steps and is characterized by its uptempo, celebratory style.


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