Other Dance Styles

Hip Hop

Come get groovy in this beginner/intermediate Hip Hop class! This high energy dance style will have you laughing, sweating, and tapping into moves you didn't realize you had. Class is led with a short warm up and stretching, then moves into teaching a fun piece of choreography. Wear clothing you can move freely in and comfortable shoes.
Drop-ins welcome!

Balboa-Swing 1

Learn the fundamentals of Balboa-Swing, a classic swing dance that originated around the same time as Lindy Hop; it emphasizes partnership, a close embrace, and quick tempos.  Learn the basic foot patterns of pure balboa and the turns and variations of balboa-swing. Moves like come arounds, lolly-kicks, toss outs, and out and ins. No partner necessary, there will be plenty of repetition and partner rotation. Temp:140-200

Balboa-Swing 2
Balboa-Swing 1

Build on the fundamentals learned in Balboa-Swing 1 and discover more moves like cross-over steps, Balboa swivels, and the Promenade while also fine-tuning technique for the Balboa basic and toss-outs. Also learn how to create flow between the Balboa basic and various moves and turns. Tempo range 165 - 210.

Foxtrot Crash Course
Partner dance experience recommended

Foxtrot is not only perfect when paired with swing dancing, but you can use Foxtrot with just about any dance music there is, from Latin rumba to Lady Gaga to Hip Hop, funk or the Blues. Use it at a dance or in a tight-packed club. Our summertime Crash-Course Foxtrot is designed for those with other partner-dance experience as well as experienced Foxtrot veterans. (Note to those who know some Foxtrot: This five-week session is an ideal brush-up for your skills.)

Solo Jazz
Lindy Hop 1 or other solo jazz experience.

Familiarize yourself with classic authentic solo jazz steps.  Expand your vocabulary and learn how to move yourself to swingin’ music. Learn variations on some of the most common steps and ideas to how to create your own.


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