What is the Waltz?

Waltz takes its name from the German word "walzen," meaning to roll, turn, or glide. It is a ballroom dance done in 3/4 time. Colorful flowing ball gowns (or short skirts), tails (or blue jeans), beautiful Strauss music (or Lyle Lovett). Whatever is your fancy - come give it a whirl! CAUTION: The Waltz was criticized on moral grounds by those opposed to its close hold and rapid turning movements.

Listed below are the Waltz classes we offer. We don't always offer every class, so make sure to check the Class Schedule to see what is offered each session.

Class Instructors: 

Classes We Offer

Waltz 1

An introduction to the basic technique of Waltz. This class will get you whirling on the dance floor in no time!

Waltz 2
Waltz 1 or equivalent experience

Build on the skills you learned in level 1 and expand your repertoire!

Foxtrot 1

Classic traveling Foxtrot as it was danced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is the elegant cousin of Lindy, Jitterbug and East Coast Swing—all danced to the same great music. In this intro class we’ll explore the key patterns as well as nice transitions from swing to Foxtrot and back again to swing. No prerequisite.

Foxtrot 2
Foxtrot 1

In this intermediate class you’ll build on Foxtrot basics and learn a heap of showy elegant moves. You’ll learn to seamlessly transition from slow/quick/quick into slow/slow/quick/quick—and back again, the real art of this dance. And we’ll dance Foxtrot to everything from Duke Ellington to Lady Gaga.


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