West Coast Swing

What is West Coast Swing?

Ever wondered what the difference is between East & West Coast Swing? It’s all about music & style! East Coast Swing & Lindy Hop are danced to big band Swing music and are high energy, bouncy dances. West Coast Swing is smoother in style and danced to almost every kind of groovy music including R&B, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Blues. It is a slot dance allowing for personal expression for both lead and follow, allowing you to style it funky, jazzy, slinky, or swingin’. Known for its fun rhythm changes and playful syncopations this is a great dance to have in your social repertoire. Check out the video of SwingDiego 2014 Strictly Champions, Kyle & Jessica to get a sense of what West Coast Swing can look like! Note this not a choreographed dance; it is them freestyling.

Listed below are the West Coast Swing classes we offer. We don't always offer every class, so make sure to check the Class Schedule to see what is offered each session.

Class Instructors: 

Classes We Offer

West Coast 1
Partner dance experience recommended (not required)

In West Coast 1, we focus on 6-count rhythm patterns and turns, as well as lead/follow connection and technique.
CRASH COURSE: Same class in 3 weeks!!

West Coast 2a/b/c
West Coast 1 or equivalent experience

Build on your West Coast basics with fancier moves, stronger technique & style variations. We'll spice up our 6-count moves and add 8-count patterns, including numerous whip variations!
West Coast 2a, 2b & 2c can be taken in any order—all 3 are required before moving on to West Coast 3.

West Coast 3
West Coast 2a, 2b AND 2c

Broaden your horizons and expand your West Coast repertoire with complex patterns, musicality & styling. These will be your go-to moves on the dance floor! New material every session.


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