Masquerade Waltz


8:30pm Doors Open & Show Begins
9:00pm-12:30am Dance


Jan 25, 2013



Dear Dancers,
It is with great sadness that I write to tell you all that Susan Balshor died last night, apparently from complications of the norovirus. Her sudden passing is a dreadful shock and an unfathomable loss. Because she would have insisted on it, we will proceed with the Masquerade Waltz as scheduled. Moving forward with the Masquerade so soon after Susan has passed away is the most beautiful thing we can do in her honor. And so, we are dedicating this year's Masquerade to Susan, with the intent of dancing her into the next world. Any of you who don't yet have a ticket and want to attend this celebration dance and beauty, please feel free to be in touch. 
L'chaim, Dean

Susan Melee Balshor


Masquerade Waltz 2013:
A Passionate Night of Dancing and Magic
Waltz, Swing, Blues, Foxtrot, Tango & Latin featuring the music of Valse Café Orchestra with the intermezzo thrills of Cabaret d’Artiste

$50 in advance / $60 day of (if any remain)
No mask, no entry. Masks available at the door for $5

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In order to balance leads and follows at the dance we are using Century Ballroom's class registration system to sell tickets. If you don't already have a user account through the CB reg system, you will need to create one.

As of Jan 22, we are waitlisting follows. Please call Century at 206.324.7263 or e-mail to get on the wait list. We will contact you as soon as space becomes available. Couples can still register.

Note: This is NOT a Century Ballroom event; it is Dean & Susan's event so the refund policy is slightly different. Here it is in their words:

Masquerade Refund Policy
For this unique event only, our refund policy is this: If you purchase a Masquerade Waltz ticket and later decide you want a refund,  we will give you a refund -- for any reason -- up until one week before the event. That is, if you request a refund before 5 p.m. on Friday, January 18, your refund will be processed immediately. However, refunds will not be granted after this time, and we must do this only because the process of balancing leads and follows becomes next to impossible if dancers who have purchased tickets decide to cancel at what, for us, is the last minute. We appreciate your support and understanding. ~ Dean and Susan

This year's theme:  

Artists - And the Art They Made.

Our previous Masquerade Waltzes were sellouts, so reserve your 2013 ticket sooner than later. Expect a musical mix of Swing, Blues, Foxtrots, One-steps and Waltzes of all tempos. Because this is a true masquerade, you will indeed need a mask for entry into the ballroom.

Do remember: This night is not a Halloween party in January. The Masquerade is theatre. You are one of the actors.


Consider starting your evening with gourmand-ish pleasure: The Tin Table proffers spirits, wines, champagnes, and extraordinary small-plate meals beginning at 3:00pm — just across the hall from the ballroom. It will satisfy all of your gastronomic whims until 1:00am. For dinner reservations:

Seattle's Valse Café Orchestra coalesced in 1999 around a singular goal:  to win the hearts of good dancers with post-modern renditions of dance-hall classics. The ensemble's eclectic repertoire celebrates a romantic mélange of bygone eras: Paris in the Thirties. Swank Manhattan. Cuba's Casino Age. Yiddish melancholy. The Tango clubs of Buenas Aires, and, of course, Imperial Vienna. Disparate worlds indeed — all connected by the mesmerizing cadence of Waltz and the passion of two people dancing in each others' arms.

Expect Waltzes of all tempos, Swing-tune classics, Foxtrots, Cha-chas, One-steps, Rumbas, Tangos, Sambas, a Polka, a Schottische and some Blues. For the Masquerade, a nine-piece Valse Café Orchestra plays three solid hours of the world's most passionate dance music to inspire an evening of fantasy and romance. (And what's a café orchestra? Simply a smaller version of the symphony, necessary in many boutique-size ballrooms and cabarets. Most of the time, for example, the great Waltzes of Johann Strauss were played not by the Vienna Philharmonic but by dozens of these nimbler ensembles.)


Heber Farnsworth has posted Flicker galleries of the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Masquerade Waltzes.


That was the best dance I ever went to, the Masquerade Ball.
~Bob Pretlow

My partner for the first few dances was an excellent dancer, nimble, humorous and silent. I didn't know who she was and I suspect she didn't know who I was. The mystery enhanced our dances all of our focus on the music and movement. We finished with our hands over our hearts to show our joy for sharing a special moment. Only at a masquerade....
~Dale Lear, Seattle

The Masquerade was a delightful evening and a visual feast! Looking forward to next year.
~ Nancy Matela, Portland

Not an obligatory thank-you note: This is, instead, an impetuous outburst of appreciation for that one-of-a-kind event that you all created last night. The masquerade was a seamless flow of beauty, art, and dance enveloped in music and mystery. Did I mention the music? The music was one amazing performance after another.
   The evening was a celebration of creativity. It displayed the kind of extraordinary talent we have in Seattle. And the dancers showed up in all their glory! The dance floor literally buzzed with intrigue, playfulness, delight. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary. Events mark our lives and give us context for our memories. Thank you for this joyful memory.

~ Dev Hart, Seattle

I had a lovely, sinuous waltz with an engaging masked woman. When the music stopped, we had a slow, hesitant parting. I easily caressed her arm, then her hand, and it should have been over. But there was a lingering, almost yearning finger caress, and a last-instant slight hooking of my fingertips, which she returned, exactly as if anticipated.
We were just dancers moving on, but we parted like lovers...under the spell of the masks.

~ Anonymous (by request)

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915 E Pine
2nd floor
Seattle WA 98122
Century Ballroom
(206) 324-7263

The Tin Table
(206) 320-8458