Masquerade X

Masquerade X
Our Tenth Anniversary Night of Dancing and Follies

8:30pm Doors Open & Show Begins
9:00pm-12:30am Dance


Jan 26, 2018
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Masquerade X
Dancing, Follies & Rumpus

A full three and a half hours of dancing to Swing, Blues, Latin, Foxtrots and Waltzes of all tempos, featuring the 9-piece Valse Café Orchestra with vocalists Dina Blade and Lucia Neare. Plus, during band breaks, the always-secret Cabaret d’Artiste.

8:30pm Doors / 9pm Dance - $55 Advance / $65 day of (if any remain)
No mask, no entry. Masks available at the door for $5.

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To preserve our lead/follow balance, we are currently only selling tickets to leads and couples. Follows, please contact to be put on a wait list

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Take note: The Masquerade is not a “couples dance.” Indeed, the point of a Masquerade is to dance with numerous partners, known or unknown, and then see what transpires while dancing in dis-guise. Because you can never be sure what will happen – when you or your partners are set free by those magical masks.

In addition: We limit attendance to keep the dancing joyous and fun. We also do our best to balance for Leads and Follows, so if at any point we deem the balance to be too great, we will institute a wait list to maintain a comfortable balance. A good reason to get your tickets now.

Heber Farnsworth has posted Flicker galleries of previous Masquerades here.

Peter Shaw’s video of the 2017 Masquerade is here.

What dancers say about the Masquerade: 

That was the coolest dance I ever went to, that Masquerade Ball.
~Bob Pretlow

What a great dance.
~Don Morgan

Bravo. What an extraordinary evening.
~ BJ Bullert

Need Additional Info:

For more details, including the history of Masquerade, local costuming resources and more testimonials, go to


915 E Pine
2nd floor
Seattle WA 98122
Century Ballroom
(206) 324-7263

The Tin Table
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