"Opportunity to Dance"

Repeal the Dance Tax!




The "Opportunity to Dance Tax" IS NO LONGER (at least until July 2017).

No longer are people going to have to pay a retail sales tax on an "opportunity".

YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN! Can i scream that loudly enough? You made a change that will help every small dance hall, nightclub or concert venue in the state of Washington. You have made a change for ANYONE who goes to listen to music or goes to dance, IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON.

You have proven to me, AGAIN, the power of community and the force behind speaking up for what you believe in.

Two years ago this journey began for Century. Six months ago we shared it with all of you because we needed your help and you were there for us. You helped us raise $92k in less than three months! I'm here to remind you that your efforts did so much more than help Century Ballroom (although you did that again too)!

Our doors will remain open. Our collective lives will continue to be filled dance and art. We will continue to search for ways to bring that to each person - because in that, there is a community that is far greater than we could ever imagine.

This will not be the last time I thank you. I thank you daily for dancing...whenever or wherever.

And if by chance you don't dance, thank you for supporting Century Ballroom in whatever way you have. And just maybe someday you'll join us; it's not as scary as you might think.

With all my love and a heart FULL of gratitude,

Hallie Kuperman
Owner, Century Ballroom


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2nd floor
Seattle WA 98122
Century Ballroom
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